Participatory learning in action in Northern Laos

Mobile theatre teams are creating entertainment and learning opportunities for village communities in Northern Laos. By involving local people in interactive play performances on health, drug abuse and education issues, they are creating a forum for creative, collective learning and self expression and helping villagers make sense of the social changes around them.


   5 theatre teams represent 5 of the main hill tribes and the amazing cultural diversity of Northern Laos: the Khmu, Hmong, Yao, Lahu in Bokeo, and Akha in Luang Namtha province. Each team performs in local language in market places in other villages from the same hill tribe. In this way, even those with no formal education can participate in this community learning activity.


Theatre teams base their plays on local stories and on information on each subject gathered from specialists. Their theatre skills help them to visualise issues, using their words, hands and bodies in a clear way that everyone can understand and enjoy.